Flash is in agony as Meadlock and Drake decide it's time to teach him a lesson.

Meadlock's rib crushing uppercut has Flash suffering.

Now it's Drake's turn to destroy the midsection.

Flash is damaged, battered goods.

Drake goes old school as he prepares to move Flash into position.

Drake breaks a slight smile as he ties Flash up.

As Drake cranks it up, Flash suffers.

Flash is helpless to defend himself as Meadlock goes back to work in the ribs.

Meadlock is relentless, shattering Flash.

Now Meadlock ties Flash up so Drake can go to work.

Flash is dead meat as Drake pounds away at him.

Meadlock now uses his signature move...

...Flash flies into the air in Meadlock's suplex...

...then is laid wide open.

Meadlock's suplex flattened Flash, now Drake uses his move to destroy him.

Flash is unaware of what's coming.

Drake collapses Flash's sternum with a double fisted hammer.

Flash will not wake up from this assault.

A completely unconscious Flash gets loaded onto the stretcher to be carried out.

There is no movement on that stretcher, Flash is seriously hurt.

A humiliating defeat for Flash.