Wade Brolin is as cocky as ever as he goes to work on destroying Scott Monroe.

Brolin starts by tossing Scott Monroe into the ring...

...then he flies over the top rope to begin his assault.

Monroe grimaces as Brolin pushes his head into his rib cage.

Brolin continues to work over the ribs of Monroe.

Wade is focused as he strikes at the abs.

Monroe is laid out as Brolin bashes the midsection.

Monroe's neck is nearly snapped and he's unable to breathe.

Brolin uses his bare hands to choke the life out of Monroe.

Brolin is totally in control...and making Monroe suffer.

The elbow of Scott Monroe is on the very of snapping.

Where's his head? Losing blood supply and oxygen, that's where.

Brolin inflicts more damage as he cranks up a camel clutch.

Monroe desperately tries to reach the ropes to get free of Brolin's ankle lock.

Again, Brolin is focused as he attacks Monroe's abs.

Monroe suffers in a bearhug against the ropes.

Scott is fighting to breath.

Broling easily lifts his opponent.

"Bye-bye" the cocky Wade Brolin says to an unconscious Scott Monroe.

Monroe is damaged goods.