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Picture order may vary from how the action occured during the actual fight.
Flash stands, chest puffed out, face to face with Dark Demon.

Demon attackes Flash with a brutal bearhug to wear him down.

Demon slaps on a vicious face claw.

Flash grabs at Demon's wrist as he clamps down harder, squeezing the skull.

Flash's face is crushed by Demon's claw, he tries in vain to break the hold.

Demon then applies a second hand and Flash is helpless.

Dark Demon now claws Flash's face and abdominals.

Flash screams in agony as Demon clamps onto his pecs.

Demon's fingers digging into the flesh of Flash's pecs is visible for all to see.

Flash gets trapped in a tight, sleeper/choke.

He is weakened to the point he falls to a seated position, the bloodflow to his brain cut off.

Demon then clamps his claws onto the trapezius muscles.

Flash screams in pain from the grip on his traps.

Demon won't release the hold and Flash tries to break free.

Flash continues to scream as his trapezius muscles are being dug into.

Demon pulls back to intensify the agony.

Demon drops Flash into a full nelson/scissor combo, further injuring his trap muscles.

Demon then stands Flash up and digs him claw into Flash's abs.

He then covers Flash's face and crushes the bones.

With a claw applies to both Flash's face and abs, he is helpless to break free.

Demon intensifies the pressure on Flash's frontal lobe.

Flash collapses, screaming. The pain is too much.

Flash reacts to the pain he's feeling after the claw to his face.

Demon then goes after the pecs and abs. Look closely and you can see his fingers digging into Flash's ripped midsection.

Flash grabs at Demon's wrist as he rips the flesh of his abs.

Demon attempts to rip Flash's pec muscle.

Flash squirms from the pain of Demon clawing his pecs.

You can see Demon has a fist full of Flash's pec muscles, his fingers tearing his flesh.

Flash grimaces, Demon's hands fully wrapped around his pecs, pulling hard.

Demon pulls up hard on Flash's chin.

Flash has suffered so much pain at the hands of Dark Demon.

Flash can't take it anymore and screams out, "I give, I give" but Demon continues to torture him.

A double handed claw to Flash's face is more than he can endure.

Dark Demon shows the weapon he used to destroy Flash.

After the filming stopped, an ambulance was called to transport Flash to the hospital. His face turned color, the result of the bruising he suffered from the vicious Dark Demon claw. He had similar bruising on his pecs and abs...

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