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Dave Calbrese and Jordan Prince TIED TOGETHER!
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Dave and Jordan are tied together at the wrists. To win, one fighter has to touch all four corners of the ring in a row.

Jordan wastes no time, taking Calbrese to the mat.

A moment later, the momentum shifts and Calbrese blasts Jordan.

Calbrese stands over Jordan, struggling to get to his feet.

Dave fires off a shot to the face of Prince sending him to the ground.

Dave uses the strap to his advantage, choking Jordan with it.

Jordan reverses and get's the upper hand, smashing his forearm across Dave's back.

Jordan feels pretty confident as he is the one standing.

Jordan struggles to begin the process of tapping the corners but Dave holds him back.

Jordan is down as Calbrese strikes a turnbuckle first.

Dave works on slowing Jordan down.

Jordan suffers as Dave puts a knee on his chest and applies all his weight.

Prince gets the upper hand and works on Calbrese's arm.

Calbrese lines Jordan up for a shot to the jaw with knocks him down.

Again Calbrese uses the strap to his advantage, choking Jordan with it.

Dave rakes Jordan's eyes with the strap.

Calbrese lines Jordan's face up for another shot to the jaw.

As Jordan lies hurt, Dave taps the first corner.

Jordan tackles Calbrese, determines not to suffer another loss.

Calbrese uses the strap to tie Jordan to the bottom rope on stomp on his ribs.

Calbrese maintains control of the lean, ripped, Jordan Prince.

Dave pulls up on the strap causing Jordan to smash his nuts.

Dave sends Jordan flying as he attacks his arm and shoulder.

Calbrese pulls on Jordan's hurt arm.

Calbrese works on dislocating Jordan's shoulder.

Dave SLAMS Jordan hard to the mat.

Calbrese wants to end this, he wraps the strap around Jordan's throat again.

Jordan's face shows the serious trouble he's in.

Jordan shifts the momentum, firing off a shot to Calbrese's balls.

As Calbrese rolls in agony, Jordan heads to the corner.

Dave gets the upper hand and goes back to work on Jordan's injured shoulder.

Dave sends Jordan flying across the ring into the opposite turnbuckle.

Dave wraps the strap around Jordan's neck and pulls back trying to rip his head off.

Calbrese fires off shots into Jordan's ripped midsection.

Jordan is no match for Dave, who taps the four corners to win.

Dave ties Jordan up in the corner, unconscious.

Jordan has suffered another beatdown at the hands of Dave.

Jordan, with some hair on his chest this time, lies unconscious, his pits on display.

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