All Jeff Clark wanted was a fair fight.  All the Calbrese's wanted was to win.

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As the fight began, Jeff was able to dominate, but KCal interfered to ensure his brother would get control.  
Dave had Big Jeff down in the corner and hammered away with a shot to the sternum and to his jaw.  
To slow Jeff down, Dave delivered a DEVASTATING heart punch which laid Jeff out on the canvas.  
Dave drop kicked Jeff to the spine, then lifted him to throw him into the corner and line up his next move.  
Dave does a flying body splash then hammers away at Jeff's ripped midsection.  
Dave then scoops up the big man to slam him to the canvas.  Jeff doesn't know where he is.  
With Jeff seeing stars, Calbrese goes to work trying to snap his left arm.  
Calbrese then stops on Jeff's abs on the canvas and while standing in the corner.  
Jeff has to be helped to his feet then Dave DRIVES his head into the turnbuckle.  
Calbrese spreads Jeff wide open the stomps on his groin leaving Jeff in serious pain.  
With Jeff still in agony from the low blow, Dave knee drops him jeopardizing his future offspring.  
Jeff's shoulder's are nearly ripped out of their sockets and he's left flat as Calbrese mocks him.  
Dave drives Jeff head first into the turnbuckle several times after realizing its effectiveness.  
With Jeff laid out KCal pretends to act like a ref and reassures Dave he can do whatever he wants.  
Jeff is humiliated as Dave makes this all seems easy before applying a tight choke hold.  
Dave rakes the eyes of Jeff and before he can recover, Dave delivers a flying stomp to the abs.  
Dave punches away at Jeff's Face, then KCal holds him in a full nelson wide open for Dave to strike.  
Dave then holds Jeff in a full nelson and it's two vs one as KCal pounds Jeff's ripped midsection.  
The Calbrese's push Jeff into the corner then KCal acts as a stool so Dave can get high and punch Jeff in the face.  
They're destroying Jeff, and KCal puts him in a full nelson while Dave punches him in the gut.  
Jeff holds his badly injured midsection while the brothers take turns stomping on him.  
As Jeff lies barely conscious, the brothers non-chalantly talk about how weak he is, then attack again.  
Jeff is unable to do anything as KCal holds him and Dave drives a fist into his gut.  
Dave then lifts a limp Jeff Clark into a DEVASTATING rack causing him to scream in pain.  
As if this hasn't been brutal enough, with Jeff wide open over Dave's shoulder's, KCal delivers a double fisted hammer in the open pecs of Jeff knocking him unconscious to end one of the most brutal double teams in NRW history.  It's amazing Jeff ever recovered from this beating.  Make sure to watch this lopsided fight!