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Cheater Matt Meadlock tricks Handsome Jeff Clark into coming back inside saying "Coach wants you in the ring for a photo shoot"
NRW's Coach has kept Jeff away from The Animal thinking he's not ready yet. Jeff has to ask the NRW Champ "who are you?" This was a total ambush set up by Meadlock to have the rookie destroyed.
Seconds into the match The Animal is torturing Jeff with a two handed choke.
Jeff pounds the mat, he is hurt bad and the match has barely started.
The Animal attacks again with a throat crushing sleeper and Jeff is in big trouble.
The Animal keeps attacking the throat, here he has JC bent in half over the top rope, his spine close to snapping from the pressure. This is tough to watch.
The Animal continue to choke the life out of new fan favorite "Handsome" Jeff Clark.
Jeff is hurt bad. He is on the receiving end of the type of beatdown that ends careers.
The Animal picks Jeff up by the throat with his dangerous, crushing grip.
The Animal delivers a powerful kick to the center of Jeff's chest.
Jeff's face shows the pain he feels in The Animal's front face lock.
Jeff's arms fall limp as The Animal's sleeper/choke puts him out...but The Animal isn't finished, he wants to put Jeff in the hospital and end his career.

The Animal's Championship Belt hangs in the corner, testament as to why he is the champ.

The Animal pulls jeff up by his hair to continue his assault.
Jeff's abs flex after a stomp to his midsection.
Jeff fights to keep The Animal from snapping his neck.
The Animal doesn't let up. Jeff is down, barely conscious, and The Animal moves in.
Jeff is helpless as The Animal stomps relentlessly on him.
The Animal again uses the hair to lift Jeff and line him up for another shot to that handsome face.
Jeff's eyes close as he is losing consciousness in The Animal's tight throat choke.
The beautiful Jeff Clark is out of it...someone stop this match.
Jeff balls up after The Animal leg dropped him.
Jeff's eyes are barely open, The Animal holds his still as he lines up to try to break his jaw.
The Animal stomps on Jeff's unprotected balls to add insult to injury.
Jeff is in agony from the low blow and The Animal paces, smiling.
The Animal again tries to crush the throat of Jeff. This is hard to watch.
The Animal finishes Jeff off with his signature throat slam. Have you ever seen him lift and slam anyone here so hard? Jeff's head bounces off the mat violently.
Jeff is out of it. The Animal has totally destroyed him and stands over him.
The Animal carries Jeff's lifeless form away. This was a brutal squash match that sent Jeff to the hopsital. Will he ever return from such a beating?