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Meadlock warns Lorenzo to get the f*ck out of his ring.
Meadlock chokes Lorenzo while taunting him.
Lorenzo struggle to remain conscious in a tight Meadlock sleeper.
Meadlock tears open Lorenzo's shirt and hammers away at his abs.
Lorenzo grimmaces in pain as the rope cuts into his throat.
Meadlock sinks a fist deep into the upper abs of Lorenzo.
Meadlock strips Lorenzo out of his jeans...does Lorenzo walk around with his speedo on?
Lorenzo is in agony as Meadlock bends boths his arms over the rope above his head.
A relentless attack threatens to destroy an NRW favorite.
Meadlock rolls Lorenzo out of the ring and crawls out to attack him.
Meadlock can do anything he wants to Lorenzo, he doesn't know where he is.
Helpless Lorenzo gets tied to the ropes.
Meadlock taunts Lorenzo "I warned you to get out of my ring!"

Cocky Meadlock smiles for the fans as he prepares to finish off Lorenzo.

Lorenzo is left unconscious, tied to the rope.