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Jeff delivers a massive boot low on the abs of Lorenzo.
Lorenzo's head nearly separates from his neck as Jeff uses the rope to choke him.
Look at the flex in Jeff's biceps as he applies the Camel Clutch.
Handsome Jeff applies a flesh tearing claw to Lorenzo's pec.
A shot to the kidney has Lorenzo in jeopardy.
Lorenzo is in agony as Jeff bends the spine and sleepers him.
Jeff smiles as Lorenzo suffers in a rack.
Jeff applies a rib crushing bearhug.
Lorenzo suffers in an inverted choke.
Jeff stomps on the family jewels of Lorenzo.
This is so easy Clark doesn't know what to do next.
Jeff's massive bicep and forearm cuts off the blood supply to Lorenzo's brain.
Clark prepares to deliver the double fisted spine hammer.

Handsome Jeff Clark gloats at having conquered Lorenzo.

Jeff flexes as he carries lightweight Lorenzo out with zero effort.