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Jeff realizes it's 2 vs 1 and says "Bring it On".
Meadlock holds Jeff as Lorenzo pounds away at his abs.
Lorenzon delivers a leg drop to a prone Jeff Clark.
Lorenzo stomps on Jeff Clark's family jewels.
The beating handed out by Meadlock and Lorenzo is taking it's toll on Jeff.
Meadlock boasts that this fight is going to be over early.
Jeff gets control and pec claws Meadlock.
He then claws Lorenzo's pecs while Meadlock tries to recover.
Clark applies a double Camel Clutch.
Clark racks Meadlock.
Meadlock is out on the ropes.
Lorenzo struggles to recover as Jeff sleepers out Meadlock.
Only someone as powerful as Jeff Clark could bearhug too fighters at once.

Clark stacks the unconscious bodies of Lorenzo and Meadlock.

"What's next?" Clark wants to know after his victory.