"Handsome" Jeff Clark gets his revenge by DETSROYING Flash!
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Flash warns Jeff about how badly he beat him last time, but Jeff immediately takes control.
Clark elbow drops, stomps, and Boston Crabs Flash...Flash's knee is damaged.
Jeff pulls Flash to his feet and applies a front face lock, Flash is stunned at the beating.
Clark lifts Flash into a BRUTAL rack inflicting damage to Flash's spine.
Flash doesn't know where he is. Clark drives a double fisted hammer to his abs.
Jeff lifts the lean ripped Flash into a Camel Clutch further torturing the spine.
Jeff then stomps on the spine, Flash is getting wrecked.
Clark stretches Flash wide open and attacks his pec with a nerve damaging claw.
Before Flash can recover, Jeff applies a tight sleeper choke.
Jeff then karate chops the shoulders of Flash, leaving him suffering on the mat.
Flash struggles to get up, and Jeff pounds the abs and delivers a low kick.
Another Boston Crab, Bear Hug, and a choke on the top rope has Flash reeling.
Barely conscious, Flash is getting the worst beating of his life.
Jeff hammers away at Flash's abs and lines him up for a shot to the jaw.
Another pec claw has Flash clutching his chest, and Jeff follows up with a kick.
Jeff mercilessly hammers away at Flash, applies a reverse bearhug, then attacks the leg.
Flash is in serious trouble, Jeff lines up his next attack, and kicks Flash hard in the gut.
Flash's ribs are cracked, he is helpless. Jeff lifts him up and places him on the ropes.
Jeff stretches open the pec muscle and heart punches Flash, sending him to the canvas.
Flash is out cold, and Jeff flexes over his carcass. His revenge has been sweet!