Dave Calbrese makes "The Natural" Nick Gold SUFFER!

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"The Natural" Nick Gold calls Calbrese "washed up" and demands ref, Flash, do his job.
Dave locks on a brutal full nelson on the ripped muscle stud as Flash looks on.
Dave puts Nick out and Flash checks to see he is unconscious, then orders Dave release him.
Between sleepers, Dave pounds away at Nick, torturing him, then applies a regular seated sleeper.
Nick struggles in the vice-like sleeper of Calbrese, unable to break free.
Nick grows weaker and weaker, unable to see or defend himself.  He's out cold again.
Flash demands Dave break the hold or get disqualified.  Dave does, then attacks.
Dave pounds on Nick's injured body, inflicting more damage.
Dave applies his third sleeper, a figure 4 around Nick's muscular neck.
Nick can't break free.  Dave tightens the hold and shakes him side to side.
Dave pulls Nick's arms up and restrains them making it impossible for him to break loose.
Flash verifies Nick is out, Dave releases, then attacks Nick's shoulder.
Dave tears the tendons on Nick's shoulder, then moves in for another, brutal, sleeper.
Dave applies his brutal, cobra clutch, with the intention of putting Nick out of wrestling.
Nick is helpless and loses consciousness again.  Flash disqualifies Dave for not releasing the hold.
Dave is furious and knocks Flash out, then reapplies the cobra clutch to Nick to end him.
Nick is left destroyed on the mat while an ambulance is called.  He may never fight again.