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Early in their first fight, Dave lifts Jeff like a dead fish in the corner of the ring.
Jeff, representing Canada, is in serious trouble.  Dave wraps him around his broad back and squeezes him tightly.  The big, handsome, Jeff Clark is helpless.
Calbrese attacks Jeff's left shoulder.  His goal here is simple, if he dislocates Jeff's left shoulder, that's one less weapon Clark will have to fight back.  Jeff is in serious pain, evident by his screams and moans.
Calbrese places his knee into the center of Jeff's broad back and puts his hands under his bearded chin pulling back hard.  Jeff screams from the pain.  Calbrese is trying to crack Jeff's neck and end the fight early.  Jeff's chest is wide open and his torso on display for the audience.
Calbrese goes to work on the right arm and shoulder of Jeff.  He's trying to dislocate that shoulder and Jeff's arm is near the breaking point.  Jeff has been unable to mount an offensive and Calbrese is just having his way with Clark.
Jeff is so battered, he can't fight back against Calbrese's early cover and pin, but Calbrese is far from finished.  He doesn't only want to win, he wants to end Jeff's fighting career.
Jeff is unconscious, moaning on the canvas.  Dave humiliated him by placing a knee in the center of the big guy's hairy chest and flexing in victory in his USA Flag trunks.
Calbrese continues in his conquest to break Jeff and put him out of the fight game permanently.  He applies a tight sleeper, his bicep and forearm cutting off the blood supply to Jeff's brain.
Calbrese then applies a brutal camel clutch.  Jeff is too weak to break free.  He's a ragdoll as Calbrese shakes him side to side and trash talks as Jeff suffers.
Calbrese spreads Jeff wide open, the stretch is agonizing on Jeff's inner thighs and he is humiliated on full display for the fight fans.  Calbrese laughs at the pain and suffering he is causing.
Jeff rolls on his side.  The split stretch tore into his muscular legs making walking impossible.
Calbrese continues the torture.  Jeff's bare feet are crossed and bent at 90 degrees behind him with Dave hooking them in the air.  Dave gets his hands under Jeff's bearded chin and pulls up and back. Jeff screams.  Every inch of him is near breaking, his knees, spine, and neck are to the breaking point. 
Calbrese applies a sleeper while at the same time bending Jeff's right arm up and behind his back.  Clark is being shown no mercy.  Calbrese could have ended this multiple times but he continues to abuse Jeff.
Jeff is toast.  He is barely conscious.  He lies on the mat moaning in pain.  He has never experience a beating like this in his life.  His chest heaves, his abs flex, this fight needs to be stopped but by who?
Calbrese returns to attack.  He sits Jeff up, raises his left arm to expose Clark's sweaty pit and flatten out his left pec muscle before slamming his fist into Clark's heart to end him.
Jeff lies on his side.  Calbrese locks his right arm back leaving Jeff's chest and ribs exposed.  Dave hammers away at Jeff's ribs, shattering several in the process.
Jeff is unable to stop Calbrese from pinning him to the Matt.  Calbrese counts as he chest to chest pins Jeff to the mat but he's not done yet.  He has more he wants to do to make Jeff suffer.
Calbrese twists Jeff like a pretzel.  He has so brutally assaulted Jeff that he could do anything he wants to the man and what he wants is to make him suffer and send a message to the entire NRW Roster to stay away for fear of receiving the same punishment.
Calbrese goes to work on the dislocated shoulder of Jeff again.
Jeff's legs are spread wide open as Dave stomps on his manhood.
The agony is evident, just look at Jeff's face.
Dave then tortures Jeff in an abdominal stretch.
Jeff is a ragdoll as Calbrese forces him to a kneeling position.
Dave then gets Jeff up only to put him down and end this fight once and for all.
Muscular, hairy chested, Jeff Clark is done.  He's out cold, his body shattered.
Dave Calbrese and "Handsome" Jeff Clark stand face to face in singlets ready to fight.
Jeff takes control early getting Dave in a sleeper from behind and wrapping his legs around Dave's waist. Things are looking more promising then their last meeting for Jeff Clark.
Dave breaks free and goes to work on Jeff with a bone breaking arm bar.
Calbrese is wearing Jeff down in a tight sleeper.
Dave pulls down Jeff's singlet strap and goes to work clawing at the big guy's shoulder.
Calbrese now bends Jeff's huge left arm behind his head and digs in with a nerve wrecking claw to Clark's left pec.
Calbrese lowers both of Jeff's straps and claws at the trapezius muscles.  The pain is excrutiating and Jeff tries to pry Dave's hands loose.
Calbrese ties Jeff's hands behind his back then claws at Jeff's right trap and shoulder.  Jeff's face shows the pain and suffering he is experiencing.
Sweaty, hairy, handsome Jeff blacks out from the attack.
Conscious again, Jeff, with his arms tied behind his back, watches in horror as Calbrese flies high before stomping on his wide open hairy chest and abs.
Jeff winces in pain as Dave bites his left shoulder.
Jeff is tied up and tortured.  He lies barely able to move and exposed to whatever Calbrese is going to do to him next.
Dave rolls Jeff on his side and again attacks Jeff's right shoulder with a debilitating claw.
Jeff is out on his feet as Calbrese lines him up to slug him in the face.
Over and over Dave punches Jeff in his face and jaw sending him flying into the ropes then back where he collapses into Dave's arms.
Dave places his hand in the center of Jeff's hairy, sweaty, chest and stands him back up for more shots to the face...which Jeff cannot defend against with his hands tied behind him back.
Out on his feet, Jeff leans against the ropes as Calbrese lines up and prepares to deliver another shot to his wide open torso and face.
Jeff collapses, from the pain.
Calbrese stands Clark up again and holds that bearded chin before punching away at the hot face again, over and over.  Clark needs to break free or this is over.
Clark, on his knees with his hands tied behind his back in his own straps, finds himself being choked with Calbrese's own singlet straps, now lowered.
Calbrese is trying to kill Jeff as he uses his thin singlet straps to cut into Clark's throat.
Finally Jeff's arms are free but he's still in trouble as Dave spread his legs and stomps on his nuts.
Jeff is flat on his back and out as Dave delivers repeated heart punches to his hairy pec.
Over and over again Calbrese punches into Jeff's heart muscle rendering him unconscious.
Jeff lies out cold after the brtual assault he endured at the hands of "Dirty" Dave Calbrese.
Dave, in red under armour type truns and Jeff, in white, line up to do battle again.
Jeff slumps in the corner as Dave pounds away into his hairy abs.
Jeff manages to knock Calbrese down and get a temporary breather.
Dave corners Jeff again and hammers away at his face and midsection.
Jeff slumps in the corner, dazed from Dave's attack.
Clark is down in the mat as Calbrese circles for his next attack.
Clark gets up and gains control.  Here he hammers into the face of a seated Dave Calbrese.
The momentum of this fight has changed as Calbrese now struggles to hang on as muscled Jeff Clark lines up a shot to Dave's face.
Dave is rocked and collapses to his knees in the back corner of the ring.
Jeff knows how dangerous Dave is and doesn't let up.  He applies a tight sleeper, his muscular bicep and forearm cutting off the blood supply to Dave's brain.
Jeff hammers away into the kidney area of Dave as he maintains control of this fight.
Calbrese breaks free, drops Jeff, and delivers a high flying stomp to Jeff's balls.
Jeff curls up in pain as Dave's heel hits on his wide open nutsack.
Clark flies back into the ropes after Dave clobbers him with a right to the jaw.
It's all Calbrese now as he tosses Jeff into the corner, opens him up, and lines up another shot.
Calbrese softens Jeff up with a few elbow drops...
...then he fires off shot after shot into the wide open hairy pec of Jeff.
Jeff is motionless after multiple heart punches.
This match should end right here, but Calbrese wants to torture Jeff.
Dave tries to snap Jeff's muscular neck.  He grabs him under the chin and slides out of the ring putting tremendous pressure on Clark's neck.
Dave rolls Clark onto his side and locks his left arm up and presses down on Clark's chest trying to dislocate his shoulder.
Dave pulls harder and harder while pressing down.  Jeff's face shows the agony he is in.
Dave stands Jeff up.  You can see Clark is out on his feet.  Calbrese then pulls back and lines up his fist to fire off a shot into Jeff's handsome, bearded, face.
It's not just a victory, it's about humiliation.  Jeff is out cold while Calbrese flexes over him with a foot on his slaughtered torso.
Clark lies unconscious, on display, after another Dave Calbrese beat down.
It's now time for some boxing and "Dirty" Dave Calbrese isn't shy bragging about how he has a small, iron, pipe that he is putting inside his boxing glove.
Jeff is in good spirits, read for a fair fight, but he has no idea what he's about to be hit with as Calbrese has that pipe in his right glove.
Dave's first punch with the foreign object flattens Jeff.  To make matters worse, Calbrese stands over him prepared to continue to drive the pipe into Jeff's head and end him.

Jeff's world is rocked.  He's been hit hard before but these blows are like getting hit with a hammer.

Calbrese continues to hammer away at Jeff, the pipe doing serious damage.
Jeff is slumped in the corner as Dave Calbrese lines up another loaded shot.
Jeff collapses from the loaded shot to his midsection.
Calbrese lines Jeff up for a shot to his jaw.
Jeff is helpless on his back and Calbrese hammers over and over into his face with the pipe.
Jeff moans.  The hidden, foreign object has done it's damage.
As if this illegal assault wasn't bad enough to begin with, now Calbrese hammers away at Jeff's head trying to fracture his skull.
Jeff's body is wrecked.  Calbrese's repeated strikes with his loaded gloves are unfair, and dangerous.
Jeff would be on the mat if not for the top rope.  Calbrese lines up another shot for the knockout.
A shot to Jeff's jaw knocks him out flat on his back.
Calbrese places a foot on the chest of his flattened opponent.
The fight should be over, but Dave, perhaps jealous of Jeff's good looks, tries to wreck his face by continually punching him with his loaded glove.  This could kill Jeff.
Jeff moans.  He feels like he's been hit by a train.  Calbrese isn't satisfied that he is still moving.
In a miraclous comeback, Jeff fires off a shot which flattens Dave.  Suspicious of Dave, Jeff removes his gloves, then Calbrese's and discovers the pipe.
Calbrese, without his weapon, is now facing a beatdown from Jeff.
Jeff gets Calbrese down and fires off bare fisted shots to his jaw.
Dave struggles to get to his feet.  It's amazing Jeff was able to turn this around.
Calbrese looks on in horror as Jeff lines up a shot to his jaw.
Jeff nearly knocks Calbrese's head off his shoulders with an uppercut.
Finally, Jeff wins a bout although his jaw is broken.  He puts his foot on unconscious Calbrese's chest and flexes over him.
Cocky Calbrese cheated but it didn't work.  He lays unconscious on the floor, flattened by Jeff.