This is our private vault of custom produced videos.

Poor, Luke White, is thrown back and forth between Dave Calbrese and Ben Shaw and forced to say who is the strongest as each one applies a variety of punishing holds.

9 Mins



Twink, Luke White is the test subject as Dave Calbrese teaches Ben Shaw the art of Body Slams.

11+ Mins



Luke White suffers tremendously as the test subject in an instructional video where Dave Calbrese teaches Ben Shaw the art of Spine Torture.

14+ Mins



In a lengthy training video, Luke White is the test subject as Dave Calbrese teaches Ben Shaw the art of Chokes, Strangles, Low Blows, & MORE!

24 Mins



Drew Spano interrogates Nick Gold to get the secret launch codes. Nick won't give them up. So Drew tries to beat them out of the ripped soldier.

8 Mins



Joe "The Jobber Janitor" Jordan returns to NRW and it's obvious he's been hitting the gym. He's dominating Sean Quick until Quick rolls out of the ring and returns with a pendant to hynotize and destroy Joe.

8 Mins



Nick "The Natural" Gold wants a final chance to win the KO Challenge and he enlists Ben Shaw to to be referee.  Does it matter when you're fighting "Dirty" Dave Calbrese?

16+ Mins



For some reason Dave just wants to humiliate and destroy Nick Gold.  He chops away at Gold's ripped body and Cobra Clutches him unconscious.

16 Mins



Jeff has befriended Joe Jordan and is coaching him on how to wrestle.  When Calbrese and Flash walk in and mock him, Jeff reluctantly turns on Joe in what becomes a brutal 3 vs 1.

13 Mins



"The Natural" Nick Gold is looking great in white square cuts and he's anxious to destroy Dave Calbrese. Dave cheats whenever necessary and in this case, uses a tire iron to beat the ripped Gold nearly unconscious then sleepers to finish him off.

15+ Mins



Joe Jordan shows up to clean the ring and Jeff complains that he isn't finished.  Jeff becomes so enraged he starts pounding on Joe, dislocated both his shoulders and breaking his lower back.

10 Mins



Flash IMMEDIATELY goes on the offensive after his last loss against Calbrese...but it looks like Dave is directing his own destruction!

10 Mins



Flash barely makes it through the ropes when Calbrese strikes and launches a brutal assault.  Flash recovers to dominate...a GREAT fight.

5+ Mins



Calbrese ssneak attacks Flash and chokes him out with a belt...then turns his back to show off to the fans.  Flash recovers and turns the tables.

5+ Mins



Jeff Clark isn't taking any chances.  The moment these two men enter the ring, he clamps on a tight, chest to chest bearhug and keeps it on until Dave Calbrese passes out from the pain.

10 Mins



After a brutal beating by Flash left "The Natural" with a broken neck, he returns the favor by choking out the lean warrior.

5+ Mins

Originally included in the 2019 November To Remember Series

Sean Quick hammers away at the midsection of Joe "The Janitor Jobber".

5+ Mins

Originally included in the 2019 November To Remember Series

Joe "The Janitor Jobber" Jordan suffers serious damage to his spine in a variety of Sean Quick's backbreaking moves.

6 Mins

Originally included in the 2019 November To Remember Series

Sean Quick applies chloroform to slow Joe "The Janitor Jobber" then digs his claws into the flesh of the man that mops the floors.

5+ Mins

Originally included in the 2019 November To Remember Series

"The Natural" Nick Gold looks great in tights but he gets choked out by Flash and gets his neck snapped enroute to a loss.

5+ Mins

Originally included in the 2019 November To Remember Series

The Janitor can't get a break as Sean Quick bearhugs, full nelsons, and side headlocks him in another squash job.

5+ Mins

Originally included in the 2019 November To Remember Series

Sean Quick continues to destroy Joe Jordan this time with a series of scissors, sleepers, and side headlocks.

5+ Mins

Originally included in the 2019 November To Remember Series

Sean Quick uses a variety of chokes to torture Joe "The Janitor Jobber" Jordan.

6 Mins

Originally included in the 2019 November To Remember Series

Joe "The Janitor Jobber" Jordan believes it's his time.  Lorenzo changes his belief with a brutal beatdown.

5+ Mins

Originally included in the 2019 November To Remember Series


-- Mins

Originally included in the 2019 November To Remember Series


Sean Quick hops in the ring wearing a black speedo and sparring when KCal arrives, in a blue speedo.  Sean tells KCal "the ring is closed" and KCal forces his way in.  After beating Quick around for a few, a low blow brings KCal down and Quick takes over from there.

17 Mins



EVIL Sean Quick is spraying the ring with gasous chloroform when SUPER KCal enters.  Quick is immune to the spray but KCal, is immediately effected, allowing EVIL Sean Quick to BRUTALLY beat SUPER KCal, senseless.

16 Mins



Cocky Sean Quick goes chest to chest with KCal.  A newly energized KCal starts beating down the little man until he uses a foreign object to rock KCal and decimate him.

16 Mins



Lorenzo the thief is stealing a painting when he's caught by the caped crusader, KCal.  KCal beats on Lorenzo until the poisoned water bottle he drinks from makes him weak and allows Lorenzo to destroy him.

16 Mins



Lorenzo, in red tights and shirt, chastises KCal and after Lorenzo taks a beating for a moment, he turns it all around and destroys the heavily tatted KCal.

13+ Mins



KCal is carried in unconscious and Lorenzo destroys him in a series of chokes including the Dragon Sleeper.

12+ Mins



Little Lorenzo taunts KCal in a brutal beatdown.  KCal is just trying to practice when Lorenzo enters and after a few minutes, dominates the big guy.

22 Mins



Tricky Sean Quick sneaks up behind Dave Calbrese and chloroforms him out...then mocks him.  Dave comes to and things go badly for Quick...both in tights.

5+ Mins



Jason Locke shows up to see Dave Calbrese dressed like he's headed to an interview.  He mocks Dave, then attacks...and Dave isn't going down without a fight.

6+ Mins



Dave Calbrese takes a BRUTAL beating from an opponent he can't even see!

6+ Mins



The boys are in jeans and both fighters have their moments, but in the end, the lesson is...don't turn your back!

11 Mins



Rey Benitez has found his stride and BRUTALLLY applies scissors and sleepers to Dave Calbrese torturing the ring veteran.

6 Mins



Dave Calbrese tortures the pecs of Rey Benitez.  He pounds, punches, and claws the beefy chest of the long haired newcomer.

5+ Mins



Dave Calbrese enters the ring with his shaved head and obliterates the ripped abs of Rey Benitez.

6 Mins



Lorenzo found out Sean was talking trash about him so he's here to prove that he IS the better man.

15+ Mins



Sean Quick puts something in Lorenzo's water bottle before their match...once it takes effect, Lorenzo get's destroyed.

8+ Mins



Jason Locke wants some help from Jeff Clark on choking out an opponent.  Jeff agrees and they convince Calbrese to be their test subject.

15 Mins



Dave Calbrese gets attacked from behind by Locke, who brutally beats him down until snapping Dave's neck in the end and leaving him flopping on the canvas and ending with his eyes wide open.

5 Mins



Dave Calbrese and Jeff Clark lace up and go toe to toe boxing.  Both men go down, but in the end, Clark is too much for Calbrese to handle.  Calbrese is left on the canvas holding his broken ribs.

6 Mins



Jason gets attacked from behind by Calbrese, who brutally beats him down until snapping Jason's neck in the end and leaving him flopping on the canvas and ending with his eyes wide open.

5 Mins



Jeff Clark and Sean Quick show up to interview for the same job.  They decide to fight and the winner of best two out of three goes to the interview while the loser goes to the hospital.

8+ Mins



Jeff Clark doesn't even see what happens as Dave Calbrese attacks from the rear.  Dave then starts gouging and digging into the eyes of Jeff to blind him in a brutal match where Jeff suffers bad!

6 Mins



Dave comes to the ring wearing blue tights vowing to get revenge.  Sean holds his own at first then Calbrese gains control and devastates the ripped Mr. Quick.

8+ Mins



Dave mocks Sean when he enters the ring and things go back and forth for a little while, then Sean crushes the mighty Calbrese.

8+ Mins



Jason Locke mocks Sean Quick for his size.
Sean Quick then proceeds to beat the hell out of Jason proving that size doesn't matter.

6+ Mins



Jason Locke runs into old high school classmate Sean Quick and reminds him of an upcoming class reunion.  He then squashes him and posts the photos to the high school reunion webpage.

10 Mins



Sean Quick returns and this time he's ready to face Lorenzo.  He makes it look easy as he beats Lorenzo senseless.

10+ Mins



Lorenzo LOVES stealing girlfriends and in the video, he challenges Sean Quick saying "If I win, I get your new girlfriend, if you win, you get to choose from any of mine."  Lorenzo destroys Sean...

10+ Mins



Dave Calbrese and Jeff Clark enter the ring wearing ankle length tights and they go down and dirty striking each other below the waist...only one man is left standing in the end.

6+ Mins



Josh Devlin is cocky telling Lorenzo he is so sure he will win, if he doesn't Lorenzo can have his girl.  Lorenzo is arrogant responding "I had her last night."

6 Mins



Jeff shows a vicious side as he slugs away at Dave Calbrese and finishes him off with a belt choke.

5+ Mins



Dave wears full length blue tights against Jeff Clark, who destroys him.

5+ Mins



Hot Drew Spano sleepers out Dave Calbrese in the first half of this video, the Dave Calbrese sleepers out Drew Spano.

6 Mins



Jason shows up wearing a leather jacket like a bad ass but he never gets it off as The Animal attacks.  The Animal goes low hitting Jason below the belt over and over.

10+ Mins



Lorenzo spends most of the time punching Jason Locke in the jaw and bragging about how awesome he is in this brutal, one sided beat down.

7 Mins



Jason and Jeff put on the MMA gloves and go at it for a few minutes before Jason gets the upper hand, strings Jeff up, and uses his body as a punching bag.

6+ Mins



Jeff mocks Jason for cutting his hair and asks him if he's stiff a surfer.  Jason says he is so Jeff takes him surfing, and works hard at abusing Locke's spine.

7+ Mins



These two studs put on the gloves and box in jeans.

7+ Mins



Jason and Jeff enter in jeans and t-shirts and slug it out...with Jason gaining the win.

5+ Mins



Jeff steps into the ring and showboats for the fans.  Flash sneaks in behind him and attacks. Flash delivers a brutal assault the rest of the match eventually carrying Jeff out of the ring.

17 Mins



Jeff doesn't see Flash sneaking in behind him...big mistake.  Flash chokes the life out of him with his bare hands and at times, a rope.

11 Mins



Flash and Drew enter the ring in tank tops and Drew fires off a shot to Flash's abs and pummels him for the first 2 minutes.  Flash then takes charge and punishes the rookie, shirts off.

5+ Mins



Jeff squeezes into a tight red singlet and goes all out to destroy Flash in their first meeting in a year.

10+ Mins



Flash and Drew armwrestle, then Flash applies a camel clutch to weaken Drew hefore he uses his hands to brutalize and choke out the newcomer.

5+ Mins



Meadlock snaps Lorenzo's neck and Lorenzo twitches until he dies.  Lorenezo snaps Meadlock's neck and he twitches and then Lorenzo falls next to him and they both twitch until they die.

7+ Mins



Frankie Farinelli and Carter Bryce take turns two handed choking, side headlocking, and full nelsoning each other unconscious.

5 Mins



Frankie Farinelli and Carter Bryce take turns bear hugging each other unconscious.

5 Mins



Frankie Farinelli and Carter Bryce take turns scissoring and sleepering each other unconscious.

6 Mins



The Animal begins by DESTROYING Dave Calbrese but Calbrese delivers a low blow and takes control.  Claws, eye rakes, another brutal beatdown.

15+ Mins


The Widowmaker II has not been around for a long time...but we think we know who he is.  He takes advantage of The Animal's shaky return and TAMES the Big Man.

15+ Mins


The Animal has returned to NRW a little rusty and Dave Calbrese goes down low and dirty in a BRUTAL beatdown of the big man the likes of which we've never seen before.

12+ Mins


Josh Devlin is stretching in the ring after training and Meadlock and Ivan Cossack come in to mock him.  They attack him and are shocked when Devlin turns the tables on them.

5 Mins


Lorenzo slugs away unmercifully at Meadlock non stop leaving Meadlock barely able to stand and never able to return a single punch.

5+ Mins


Meadlock slugs away unmercifully at Lorenzo non stop leaving Lorenzo barely able to stand and never able to return a single punch.

5+ Mins


The first half of this video Lorenzo delivers slow, deep, punches into Meadlock's abs...then Meadlock gets the upper hand and sinks his fist into Lorenzo's belly.

5 Mins


Things start off kind of even back and forth until Lorenzo gets the upper hand and beats Meadlock down BRUTALLY.

8+ Mins


Lorenzo's current girlfriend is Meadlock's, ex, and Matt won't stop harassing her so Lorenzo, once again, beats down Meadlock to get him to stop.  The goal -- break his jaw.

10+ Mins


Showtime and Calbrese attack each other's abs in this 2 part video. The first half it's all Sammy destroying Calbrese's gut, the second half, they switch places and Sammy's gut is wrecked.

11+ Mins


Sammy "Showtime" Sabre doesn't even make it through the ropes when Luca knocks him down with a right to the jaw.  What follows is a BRUTAL ab bashing all one sided.  Luca DESTROY's Sammy's ripped midsection.

10+ Mins


Luca has a level of confidence not displayed in his previous fights with Sammy Sabre.  They fight in knee length compression shorts and Luca chokes Sammy TO DEATH!

5+ Mins


Sammy "Showtime" Sabre put on one hell of a show in this brutal beatdown of Luca that finds him going LOW in his assault.

11 Mins


Lorenzo smashes Meadlock over and over in the jaw in a brutal one sided slugfest.

10+ Mins


Close of video of Lorenzo and Meadlock throwing the kitchen sink at each other, half the video Lorenzo dominates, and then they switch places.

5+ Mins


Close up video of Lorenzo and Meadlock Clawing each other's bodies until collapse.  Half way thru, they switch places.

5+ Mins


Close up video of Lorenzo and Meadlock Gut Punching each other until collapse.  Half way thru, they switch places.

5+ Mins


Close up video of Lorenzo and Meadlock Heart Punching each other until collapse.  Half way thru, they switch places.

5+ Mins


Josh Devlin appears to be on a roll dominating Dave Calbrese in the first part of this video, then Dave turns the tables and shows him why he is considered one of NRW's greatest.

11 Mins


Calbrese brags about his greatness and at first, he shows it as he dominates Josh Devlin.  But Devlin soon turns the tables and proves Dave made a serious miscalculation.

10+ Mins


Calbrese is cocky as usual but Josh Devlin traps him in a sleeper choke in the opening seconds of this video then strangles and chokes him out.

5+ Mins


When Josh tells Dave he wants to see who is stronger in a test of strength, Dave laughs...
he doesn't laugh for long.

8 Mins


Luca shows up for the first time in red and The Devil inside comes out against Calbrese.

5 Mins


Some back and forth interrogation between Luca and Calbrese about the location of The Girl.

6 Mins


Luca looks in serious trouble as Dave Calbrese uses the ropes to neutralize him...but he has a comeback!

10+ Mins


Dave Calbrese has been so dominate against Luca in their battles that he uses this beat down to ensure Luca "Remembers" who he is.

11 Mins



Luca wants to destroy Dave Calbrese after an embarassing loss and he's off to a good start telling Dave "PayBack is Hell".  Then things get turned around a bit.

11 Mins



Lorenzo gets some brutal rest time as Meadlock put him to sleep.  We're sure he is having nightmares.

6 Mins


Luca is just hanging out when Josh sneaks up behind him and chloroforms him unconscious.  Then over the next few minutes Josh wakes Luca up and puts him back out over and over again.

5 Mins


Luca arrives in not the best shape.  His ribs are sore from an earlier fight.  He tells Jason he wants a "fair" fight and they begin.  Jason immediately attacks the ribs and Luca suffers terribly. Good thing this wasn't a title fight or Luca would have lost the belt.

5+ Mins


Luca and Meadlock show up to fight and they immediately recognize each other.  Luca was a geek in highschool that wants revenge on Meadlock for all his bullying.  Despite the fact that Luca has filled out, he STILL gets bullied and beaten by Matt.

11 Mins



Dirty Matt Meadlock uses a belt and the ring ropes to choke the life out of Luca.

9 Mins



Luca and Meadlock are dressed in boxing gear ready to fight.  Meadlock tells Luca they should box is speedos and when Luca refuses, Meadlock hypnotizes him into stripping down.  Luca dominates until Meadlock hynotizes him again and tells him he is "weak".

11 Mins


Lorenzo insists on being respected by ALL of NRW and he proves he's worthy when he takes on and destroys Meadlock AND Drake.

16 Mins


Lorenzo and Meadlock try to destroy each other in this back and forth ab bash and slugfest.

6 Mins


Meadlock removes the turnbuckle cover and rams Lorenzo's head into it then claws at the cut until his face is covered in blood.

7+ Mins


Lorenzo hammers the ripped midsection of Drake.

6 Mins


Meadlock and Drake tear into each other in this slugfest and ab bash.

6 Mins


STUNNER! Muscular Handsome Jeff Clark comes to the ring to face "Pipsqueak" Lorenzo and finds himself humiliated at the much smaller, and apparently indestructable, opponent.

20+ Mins


Meadlock wants to play a game to see who has the strongest "balls". The first one to fall on their ass after getting hit in the win!

5 Mins


Meadlock sneaks up behind Jeff Clark, Chloroforms him, and sleepers him, over and over again...

5 Mins


Jeff Clark sneaks up behind Meadlock and strangles him with a rope, then his barehands.

10 Mins


Meadlock warns Sean Quick not to fight Jeff Clark. Quick and Clark start boxing, Meadlock gets frustrated because Quick is doing GREAT, so he dives into the ring and attacks...but Quick is able to handle BOTH of them!

13+ Mins


Jeff Clark is hitting the heavy bag and notices you are he tells you to put up your hands and defend yourself...

5+ Mins


"Handsome" Jeff Clark has gotten a little cocky and flexes telling Meadlock to look at him, then look at himself and to admit he doesn't stand a chance. We Jeff is tripped up, Meadlock attacks, and mocks the muscle stud.

10+ Mins


The Animal and Jeff Clark roll around like schoolboys trying to make each other submit. In the end, Jeff passes out in a leg scissors and The Animal announces "I won"

5 Mins


This is No Rules Wrestling, so anything goes. Meadlock and Jeff Clark try to dominate by fighting dirty and going low!

5 Mins


Meadlock again tricks Jeff Clark. He pretends to congratulate him on winning the belt, then The Animal comes in and sucker punches Jeff and proceeds to humiliate him, pinning him and pulling him up at the two count multiple times...until the final pin.

10 Mins


The Animal in a singlet and boots against Meadlock in a speedo. Meadlock must have eaten his Wheaties because he strangles The Animal over the ropes and eventually, out of the ring altogether!

10+ Mins


The Animal Sleepers Barefoot Jeff Clark.

10 Mins


Meadlock and Jeff Clark battle in singlets.
Clark starts in charge but you shouldn't turn your back on Meadlock!

10+ Mins


Clark is humiliated by Meadlock and forced to say "Sir, you are the real man" to get the beatings to stop.

10+ Mins


Meadlock and Clark in jeans and tank tops.
Meadlock forces Jeff to say "You're the real man" to submit.

11 Mins


Meadlock attacks the spine and neck of Lorenzo until the end, when he snaps Lorenzo's neck!

11 Mins


Poor Lorenzo, chloroformed and sleepered by Meadlock over and over again.

6+ Mins


Lorenzo sneaks up behind Meadlock and throws a belt around his neck and proceeds to choke him with it in a series of different positions.

7+ Mins


Lorenzo taunts Meadlock saying "I am the better man" and then begins to prove it by slugging Meadlock in the head over and over.

5 Mins


You'll lose count of how many times Lorenzo drives his fist into Meadlock's abs in a slow and methodical manner.

10+ Mins


You'll lose count of how many times Meadlock drives his fist into Lorenzo's abs in a slow and methodical manner.

10+ Mins


It starts with a test of strength and Meadlock forces Lorenzo down and flat on his back. Meadlock then straddles Lorenzo and proceeds to two handed strangle him unconscious.

5+ Mins


Meadlock and Lorenzo look like they put on whatever they could find to fight...and they look like a pair of Hillbillies...but the animosity is clear and Lorenzo wants to hurt Meadlock.

8+ Mins


Meadlock in Red, Lorenzo in Gray, the go at it in Under Armour with lots of close ups.

15 Mins


Turn about is fair play. This time Handsome Jeff Clark is the one chloroforming Lorenzo and teaching him a lesson.

7+ Mins



Lorenzo wouldn't stand a chance against a big guy like Jeff Clark...unless he cheats! He takes a page out of Matt Meadlock's book and uses chloroform to bring the big man down and abuse him A LOT.

20 Mins



Dave Calbrese needs a sparring partner and Lorenzo agrees. Dave finally knocks Lorenzo out...or so he thinks. Lorenzo switches their shirts and Dave gets tangled trying to put his back on allowing Lorenzo to attack!

10 Mins


KCal is angered when he learns that DCal is preparing for an upcoming fight against Jeff Clark. KCal shows him he MIGHT not be ready.

6 Mins


The brothers argue over who a girl was checking out. They decided to settle it with a slug fest.

5 Mins


KCal shows up for some rigorous training not knowing who he will train with. He is disappointed when it's Skeeter...but Skeeter surprise the big man in a big way.

12 Mins


DCal shows up all sweaty from a workout and Skeeter launches a surprise attack. He chokes, chloroforms, and smothers him all while attacking his abs over the ropes outside the ring and close up.

7 Mins


DCal is bragging about how tough his abs are and Meadlock admires them. DCal welcomes Meadlock's best shot and although he absorbs a lot of hits, after a while, he turns to mush.

7 Mins


Meadlock shows up angry because his speedo has been stolen. DCal asks if he he's wearing ANYTHING under his clothes and he admits his is, but he's not happy about it. A battle commences and you will know who stole Meadlock's speedo. Meadlock hypnotizes DCal and things get wild.

10 Mins


DCal mocks Skeeter for being weak.
Skeeter surprises him in a big way.

7 Mins


Lorenzo has been on a winning streak and DCal says "Let's see how you do against a readl (former) champion. Lorenzo shows him all right.

5 Mins


DCal is dressed and hanging out when Skeeter sneaks up behind him, chloroforms him, and owns him for the entire video.

10 Mins


When you step in the have no friends, but Meadlock and Lorenzo respect each other. Lorenzo dominates and shows he is the better man in this friendly fight.

5 Mins


The Animal can EASILY crush Skeeter any day of the week...that is unless Hillbilly Skeeter gets him drunk on moonshine.

10 Mins


Sean Quick and Skeeter are about the same stat wise but there can only be one winner in this quick test of their skills.

7 Mins


Skeeter has gone a little crazy. He dons tights and a mask to battle a nearly fully dressed Sean Quick. Despite a few "super" moments, Skeeter is no match for Quick's Quickness.

10 Mins


Brothers. KCal is angry at all the attention Dave has been getting so he goes low and goes low often trying to insure Dave doesn't father any more children...this is painful to watch.

8+ Mins


What kind of vitamins is Drake taking? No matter how hard Dave hits him, Drake is's as if Drake has become super human!

10+ Mins


Dave and Drake are at it again wearing pants and boots and trying to knock each other's head's off. They also target the ribs and abs to weaken each other.

10+ Mins


Dave and Drake do a lot of trash talking, flexing, and fighing in this video. The customer that ordered this video wanted close ups of their hairy pits and...we delivered what they wanted.

15 Mins


After their 5 KO Challenge, Drake has the guts to come back and bet Dave he can knock him out SIX times in 15 mins. He knocks Dave out 5 times but in the end, Dave leaves Drake out cold on the canvas.

15 Mins


Drake bets Dave he can't knock him out once. Dave laughs and says he can knock him out at least 5 time in 15 minutes...well, Dave Calbrese lives up to his promise and brutalizes Drake.

15 Mins


KCal locks a brutal full nelson on Dave and with the exception of a few brief moments to readjust, he doesn't release the hold for twenty minutes. Dave is in agony, his shoulders nearly popping out of their sockets.

20 Mins


Sean Quick finally gets his revenge against Lorenzo is this squash match. Both fighters start in jeans but Quick tears them off of Lorenzo and uses them to choke and humiliate him.

15 Mins


Sean Quick shows up in a leather jacket and red speedos feeling like a tough guy but Meadlock ends that with a brutal beatdown that leaves it doubtful Quick will ever be able to have kids!

10 Mins


Lorenzo in board shorts shows up and some invisible entity beats him unconscious.

5 Mins


Meadlock wonders who hit him and he nevers finds out as an invisible entity beats him unconscious.

5 Mins


Meadlock, Quick, and Lorenzo show up fully dressed wondering why they've been called. Then, a mysterious voice hypnotizes them into beating each other sensless. Eventually they wind up just in there they got that way is unknown...mysterious.

10 Mins


If you like leather, then you'll like seeing Dr. Jason Macke in leather pants and jacket bearhugging Lorenzo mercilessly. This one ends a little strange with Lorenzo being pounded into the ground.

5 Mins


Dr. Macke works over the abs of Lorenzo, grunting with each deep punch and pausing to rub Lorenzo's abs and taunt him.

5 Mins


Dr. Macke first two handed chokes Lorenzo then sleepers him over and over before applying a long, two minute sleeper to finish him off.

5 Mins


Meadlock doesn't know who is coming but when Lorenzo shows up Meadlock doesn't seem fazed. Lorenzo recently beat Meadlock good and taunts him because he also beat up his cousin. Meadlock takes another pounding.

5 Mins


What a shock this one is! Little Skeeter OWNS Dr. Macke and plays the heel as he pounds Macke non-stop in this full length video. Good if you like squash jobs.

15 Mins


Lorenzo again pounds an opponent with little resistance in this video. He slugs away at Dr. Macke and you'll love it.

5 Mins


After having beat up his cousin, this only seems natural. Lorenzo slugs Skeeter non stop with little resistance standing on his chest and flexing at the end.

5 Mins


UNBELIEVABLE. Meadlock has to cheat to win but he DESTROYS The Animal in this full length custom video that you'll love!

15 Mins


Meadlock comes to the ring VERY confident but he never lands a strike on ripped Lorenzo...who batters Meadlock to the face and body.

5+ Mins


Ripped Jungle Boy Drake chokes out Aussie Matt Meadlock in these 4 separate 5 minute videos packaged together.

20 Mins


Dave Calbrese is in the ring working out when an invisible opponent begins to hammer away at him relentlessly eventually snapping his neck leaving him twitching on the canvas.

3 Mins


KCal slugs away at his brother Dave turning him into a ragdoll...but he won't let him fall down, he keeps him up and just slugs away and eventually snaps his neck leaving him twitching on the canvas.

5 Mins


KCal full nelsons his brother Dave NON-stop for
7 Mins.


KCal uses his belt to choke his brother Dave NON-stop for 10 mins.


Jordan won't divulge a secret so Dave Calbrese tries to beat it out of him. Jordan's hands are tied above his head and DCal attacks the abs and head but Jordan just won't give up the secret no matter how much pain he's in.

11 Mins


After KCal lectures DCal on taking his beating of Jordan too far, DCal attacks an unconscious Jordan again...but just for a moment until KCal steps in and teaches DCal a lesson...then let's Jordan finish him off.

15 Mins


Calbrese decides to teach Jordan a lesson about who is boss at NRW and he takes the beating too far. Jordan was out of it early on but Dave keeps beating on him and at the end, KCal shows up to watch.

15 Mins


Jordan thought he proved to DCal that he was the King of the Ring and must reiterate the point in this video, this time in wrestling gear.

10 Mins


Dave Calbrese has a big ego and exclaims that this is HIS ring. Jordan comes in and thinks otherwise. Jordan is invicincible in destroying Calbrese in this video.

10 Mins


Jordan walks into the arena in a leather jacket and pants to find Meadlock and decides it's time for another (literal) beatdown. He lifts, bearhugs, slams his head into the turnbuckles, and ends by beating Meadlock INTO the ground!

9+ Mins


First Jordan jumps onto Meadlock's back and applies a sleeper until he is unconscious, then the roles are reversed...non stop piggy back sleepers!

5 Mins


Jordan slugs and rope chokes Meadlock.

5 Mins


Meadlock slugs and rope chokes Jordan

5 Mins


A low blow drops Meadlock to start this fight and a series of sleepers and hand over face smothers keeps putting him wake him up Jordan stomps on Meadlock's nuts...until he is so battered and out of it he doesn't wake up anymore!

7 Mins


A low blow drops Jordan to start this fight and a series of sleepers and hand over face smothers keeps putting him wake him up Meadlock stomps on Jordan's nuts...until he is so battered and out of it he doesn't wake up anymore!

7 Mins


Calbrese shows up cocky and confident but when Jordan locks on a full nelson and applies it non-stop this whole video...Calbrese is toast!

7 Mins


Jinn gets his revenge on Calbrese chloroforming him, applying a sleeper, brutal full nelson, and while out of it he humiliates him like he is a rag doll.

9 Mins


Calbrese chloroforms Jinn and then beats the hell of him then humiliates him treating him like a floppy rag doll.

9 Mins


Jinn comes in wearing camo pants and is soon in his speedo trying to kill Calbrese choking him with a belt.

5 Mins


Jinn pounds away on Calbrese and forces him to submit a few times before knocking him out cold.

7 Mins


Both Jinn and Calbrese claim the ring is theirs but only one can be the King. The man left standing inherits the throne.

10 Mins


Calbrese clamps on a brutal bear hug and has Jinn begging for mercy before his spine breaks and he is left bleeding from the mouth on the canvas.

10 Mins.


Calbrese slinks into the ring area after having broken the mirror off of Jinn's motorcycle. He hopes Jinn doesn't know it was him, but he does, and when he arrives in his leather jacket and pants, he teaches Calbrese a lesson.

10 Mins


Meadlock looks worried slinking into the ring area and we soon find out why. Calbrese enters in his leather jacket and he is PISSED that Matt damaged his motor cycle. Calbrese then pounds Meadlock relentlessly to get even.
10 Mins


Meadlock sneaks in on an unsuspecting Lorenzo and puts him out with Chloroform before slowly and methodically punching him deep in the abs.
5 Mins


Brian Baxter is hanging out in the ring fully dressed when Calbrese, also fully dressed, sneaks in and chloroforms him, then strips him down to his speedo. While Calbrese gloats, Baxter comes to and sleepers Calbrese out and then strips him down to his speedo.
6 Mins


Baxter is controlling Kcal with ease for a good part of this match. Then Kcal grabs a foreign object and brutally beats Baxter unconscious then chastises the fallen fighter.
13 Mins


Baxter has his back turned while waiting for a match when Calbrese sneaks in, chloroforms him unconscious, beats him senseless and then carries him out.
5 Mins


Calbrese chloroforms Baxter, strips him to his wrestling gear, and sleepers him.
5 Mins


Calbrese chloroforms, strips, and
sleepers Tiki Pepper.
6 Mins


Tiki chlorofroms, strips, and sleepers
Brian Baxter.
5 Mins


Brian Baxter non stop bearhugs Tiki Pepper to death, snapping his spine and leaves him bleeding from the mouth.
8 Mins


Tiki Pepper non stop bearhugs Brian Baxter to death, snapping his spine, and leaves him bleeding from the mouth.
8 Mins


The Superfan that ordered this video wanted to see Meadlock and Skeeter low blow Lorenzo...
10+ Mins


Meadlock and Skeeter Slug away at Lorenzo's jaw and slam his head into the turnbuckles.
8 Mins


Lorenzo comes into the ring, Skeeter knocks him out, gets him out of his street clothes, then beats him with fists, clotheslines, whatever it takes to keep him down and put him out.
5 Mins


This isn't a rapid fire ab bashing. Skeeter strikes hard and slow sinking his fist into the weakened abs of Lorenzo.
6 Mins


Meadlock and Skeeter take turns holding Lorenzo's arms behind his back and ab bashing him over and over.
6 Mins


Meadlock and Lorenzo takes turns holding Skeeter's arms behing him back and ab bashing him over and over.
6 Mins


Chris Commons slaps on a non-stop bearhug around Dave Calbrese's ribs and doesn't stop until he snaps Calbrese's back leaving him DEAD on the mat...
8+ Mins


This video is only $3.
It's a little silly. Calbrese tries to teach Chris Commons to be a better performer and doesn't have much luck.
8+ Mins


Chris Commons comes to the ring in street clothes. Calbrese knocks him out, strips him down to his wrestling gear, then beats him senseless with his fists, clotheslines, whatever it takes to put him down and out.
5 Mins


Little Skeeter arrives fully dressed and Dave Calbrese sneaks in behind him with the chloroform rag quickly rendering Skeeter unconscious. He then stripts Skeeter down to his wrestling gear and abuses our 18 year old fighter for the rest of the match before carrying him out of the ring!
9 Mins


Dave Calbrese tells his brother KCal he has heard his bearhug is brutal and wants to see for himself. So KCal applies a brutal bearhug to Dave and soon Dave is begging him to stop. He doesn't and eventually he dies in his brother's arms.
10 Mins


The first half of this video Dave Calbrese brutally bearhugs Matt Meadlock unconscious. The second half of this video they switch places!
6 Mins


Dave Calbrese doesn't throw a single punch in this video. It's all Matt Meadlock slugging away on DCal and it's GREAT!
5 Mins



Meadlock doesn't throw a single punch in this video. It's all Calbrese slugging away on young Matt this whole video.
5 Mins



Meadlock dares Skeeter to try to bearhug him. He does and Meadlock is soon sorry.
10 Mins



Calbrese climbs in the ring and taunts Skeeter, who the kicks him in the nuts. A furious Calbrese gets revenge times 24!
6+ Mins



DCal shows KCal how to choke in a variety of methods using Skeeter to demonstrate on.
9 Mins


Skeeter's Spine takes a beating as DCal shows KCal how to cause pain and suffering in the back region.
9+ Mins


DCal and KCal toss little Skeeter into the ring and then proceed to discuss the proper technique to bearhugging inverted belly to chest and belly to back using Skeeter as their practice dummy.
7+ Mins.


KCal practices his slams using Skeeter and DCal begins criticizing his technique. Rather than see it done wrong, DCal instructs KCal on how to do it and little Skeeter's back is bright red from the slams by the end of this brutal slam video.
6+ Mins.


Matt Meadlock ought to treat his cousin Skeeter a little better than this. Skeeter waits in the ring fully dressed and Meadlock sneaks in, chloroforms Skeeter, strips him to his wrestling gear, sleepers him, chloroforms him again, and then carries him back to the locker room.
7 Mins.


Chris "The Crippler" Commons waits in the ring in street clothes when Meadlock sneaks in with his chloroform rag and renders him unconscious. Meadlock then awakens his opponent a few times only to sleeper him out before using the rag to put him out for good.
5 Mins.


After a night out drinking, Jinn and Calbrese's friendship is tested as they argue over a "questionable" girl Jinn was hitting on at the bar!
10+ Mins.



Jordan ignores Jinn when he enters the ring and Jinn makes him pay with a vicious ball busting that has Jordan in agony. It gets even worse after Jinn strips Jordan down to his wrestling gear.
10+ Mins.


Calbrese ignores Jinn when he enters the ring and Jinn makes him pay with a vicious ball busting that has Calbrese in agony. It gets even worse after Jinn strips Calbrese down to his wrestling gear. 10+ Mins.


Calbrese sneak attacks Jordan with a chloroform soaked rag, and Jordan returns the favor. In the end, the victor is the one with the rag!
5 Mins.


Jordan clamps on a non-stop bear hug that has Jinn begging him to stop. Jordan stops when he finally snaps Jinn's spine.
7+ Mins.


Simply put, KCal tortures Calbrese and leaves him twitching on the mat at the end. Both fighters wear white speedos.
5 Mins.


Simply put, KCal tortures Calbrese and leaves him twitching on the mat at the end. Both fighters wear black speedos.
5 Mins.


KCal looks like a total pro in his black trunks, pads, and boots. Jinn isn't impressed and viciously low-blows KCal leaving him in agony. KCal gets a few shots in, but he suffers the most.
16+ Mins.


Again Little Skeeter surprises everyone by dominating Lorenzo. Skeeter breaks quite a sweat torturing Lorenzo's spine and ribs with Leg Scissors.
10+ Mins.


Meadlock and his cousin Skeeter Double-Team Lorenzo taking turns holding him while the other beats him brutally.
10+ Mins.


Lorenzo is confident but that doesn't last long. Skeeter rocks him then ties him to a pole and beats him before throwing him in the ring, tying his hands over his head, and hitting hit at will. In the end he leaves Lorenzo hogtide and embarassed!
17+ Mins.


Little Skeeter shows up in jeans and sneakers and Lorenzo is in his MMA trunks. Skeeter is tiny, but he OWNS Lorenzo in this 20 minute video.
20+ Mins.


Meadlock's up to his old tricks...using a chloroform soaked rag to gain the upper hand. After sneaking in and rendering Lorenzo unconscious, he wakes him up several times JUST to sleeper him out.
5+ Mins.


In this video brutal Jinn repeatedly makes Lorenzo "say my name" before he'll stop sleepering, leg scissoring, or bear hugging him. Little Lorenzo didn't stand a chance.
15+ Mins.


Fan's are loving seeing newcomer Jordan "The Persian" Prince suffer. Jinn hates him him so he treats us to more Jordan abuse rendering the tall muscle hunk unconscious over and over with a chloroform soaked rag and sleepers.
6+ Mins.


Jinn's wraps his heavily muscled hairy arms around Jordan's ripped torso and squeezes as hard as he can torturing the chisled stud. Jordan screams in agony "you're killing me!" but Jinn doesn't stop until his cracks his back and blood flows from Jordan's mouth leaving him motionless on the canvas...sweat and pain!
10 Mins.


Tiki is beating the hell out of Meadlock when Goliath shows up and wants in on the fun. They take turns slamming Meadlock and Tiki gets Angry believing there is only room for two fighters in the ring so he slams Goliath leaving both fighters out on the mat.
7 Mins.


Meadlock starts in the ring all alone and eager for his next fight...that is until he sees BOTH Tiki and Goliath enter. Then they brutalize him non-stop until mercifully leaving the ring after he is seriously damaged goods!
19 Mins.


This is not a normal match, this is multiple scenes not available anywhere else of Tiki in Squarecuts with MMA gloves repeatedly slapping on chokeholds onto Matt Meadlock in boardshorts until Mealock goes out cold. If you like getting right to the money shot, this video is for you.
20 Mins.


Lorenzo and Antonio are real life fraternal twins. Antonio did one series with us two years ago but just returned for another filming. In this video he dominates and humiliates Lorenzo hitting him over 100 times in the abs and face before hog tying him in the end....20 Mins.


Meadlock uses a BELT and then his bare hands to strangle KCal to DEATH! 7 Mins.


KCal bearhugs Meadlock non stop for 10 minutes and Meadlock SCREAMS that he's being killed. In the end, Meadlock is left with blood running from his mouth, dead on the mat. 10 Mins


Calbrese is talking smack and Krush has had enough. He slaps on a chest to chest bearhug and holds it NON STOP for 10 Mins!


Poor Lorenzo, KCal slaps on a bearhug and the little guy suffers for what must seem like an eternity to him! 8 Mins!


Krush wraps his massive arms around ripped KCal and squeezes him good for 16 whole minutes!



Fastlane cheats to bring down Lorenzo using a chloroform soaked rag and further abuses him with tight sleepers. 6 Mins.



Jinn and Fastlane start in street clothes and once Jinn has Fastlane down he tries to embarass him by ripping off his pants to expose his speedo. Tables turn and Fastlane does the same to Jinn and eventually carries him out. 15 Mins



Krush wasn't happy after Wallstreet's beatdown so this is where he exacts his revenge.


Simply put, Krush wants Wallstreet to suffer and breaking his ribs is one of the most effective tortures there is.



After their last fight ended Krush thought Wallstreet was out cold, but the little man got up and HUMILIATES Krush.



Krush, in boots and jeans, beats down Brian "Wallstreet" Walters wearing white Under Armour shorts.



Krush applies a rib crushing bearhug to Lorenzo. You'll hear his ribs snap and watch the blood come out of his mouth before he dies.



Butch applies a rib crushing bearhug to Calbrese. You'll hear his ribs snap and watch the blood come out of his mouth before he dies.



Calbrese sneaks in the ring with a rope and begins to choke Butch with it...but Butch turns the tables and chokes Calbrese TO DEATH!



Calbrese double handed chokes Butch and then drowns him in a bucket of water.


Butch double handed chokes Calbrese and then drowns him in a bucket of water.



Krush, in boots and jeans, beats down Lorenzo, barefoot and in jeans. And if his beatdown isn't enough, he handcuffs Lorenzo to the ropes and beats him even harder!



Dave Calbrese ties The Saint to a chair and interrogates him, chokes, him, beats him, and kills him...



The Saint ties Dave Calbrese to a chair and interrogates him, chokes, him, beats him, and kills him...



Krush and Calbrese enter in shorts and tshirts but before long they are down to tight fitting Under Armour gear and the low blows are flying. Sweaty and sexy fun with some full moons!



Krush enters the ring wearing boots and jeans. Butch wears jeans and is barefoot and he also has on boxing gloves. Krush beats him down GOOD in this 20 minute squash.



We didn't see this coming. Calbrese and Krush double team Butch El Fuego and somehow the ripped red head turns the tables and beats both of them.


The big man finds himself in rib damaging Hell when Calbrese snaps on a bearhug and sqeezes him to death.


Ripped Red Head Butch El Fuego gets caught between Krush's massive legs and the suffering is intense. In the end, you'll hear Butch's ribs snap and he spits up blood!


Krush is warming up when Calbrese sneak attacks and is beating the big man pretty good. Somewhere along the way Krush winds up in control, snaps Calbrese's neck, and flexes over his carcass.


Who doesn't want to see Jinn take a beating? Krush gets him in a series of sleepers and ab bashes him for 10 minutes. For a change, the hairy Arab gets squashed.



The Saint has had a good run but the Widowmaker plans on ending that with one simple move...the bearhug. He slaps on a rib crushing bearhug and The Saint is in agony. He rips off The Widowmaker's mask revealing once and for all his true identity but even that doesn't stop the squeeze. The Saint eventually dies...



The Saint and Jinn enter the ring for a boxing match but along the way the gloves come off and it becomes a slugfest.



The Saint is brutalized in this video by Krush and Jinn. They start off with boxing gloves, then bare fisted. They handcuff The Saint to the ropes where he is helpless as they brutally beat him to near death.



The conclusion to the series Braddock's Ways to win. After Braddock's dirty sneak attack on Jinn and then Krush, they both get even. He gets handcuffed to the top rope and both Krush and Jinn work him over.



Krush and Calbrese work each other's abs over with an occassional shot to the manhood in this 6 minute custom video.


Okay, Jinn is a super bad ass, but if you want to see him suffer BAD, this is the video you'll want to see. Calbrese Spladles, Grapevines, Full Nelsons, and Figure 4 Headlocks Jinn and he suffers GREAT! 13 mins.



When the camera turns on Calbrese is standing there with his hands tied behind his back and Jinn starts punching him in the heart in an attempt to kill him. When it doesn't work, he unties him so he can properly, and painfully, deliver the heart punch! 6 mins.



Calbrese shows up drunk and wants to pick a fight with someone that looks like Jinn but acts robotic. At first, Calbrese is fine, then Jinn rips off his shirt and...well...kills his opponent! 13 mins.



Braddock suffers in so many holds it's tough to keep count. Bottom line, Calbrese wants him to remember this pain and humiliation for a LONG time!  9 Mins.



Kyle Braddock is tired of the beating he's been taking at the hands of Dave Calbrese. In this video, he uses his own hands to eliminate Calbrese!
Is Calbrese dead? Looks that way.
7 Mins.



Wallstreet suffers terrible pain once Calbrese wraps his arms around him and starts squeezing!  5 Mins.



No blood flow or oxygen to the brain has Wallstreet going out cold as Calbrese gets a good grip on his neck!  5 Mins.


Is Calbrese trying to kill Brian Walters? You might think so the way he exposes the heart muscle then pounds away mercilessly on the pec right over Wallstreet's heart!  5 Mins



Calbrese goes to work on those ripped abs of tiny fighter Brian Wallstreet Walters!  5 Mins.


Calbrese wraps his treetrunk legs around the ribs of Wallstreet and squeezes HARD! And if that isn't enough, the crotch splitting spladels and neck cranking grapevines have him in agony!  5 Mins.



Some of you will love this and some of you won't but there is no denying that Calbrese's performance when he fights an invisible opponent is superb!  5 Mins.



Cocky Kyle Braddock suffers in Dave Calbrese's rack and you'll love it!
12 Mins.


Tight fighting Under Armour doesn't leave much for the imagination as Calbrese and Braddock kick, punch, and claw at each other in this brutal LONG, action packed video!  32 Mins



This video starts with Drake and Meadlock in the ring wearing boxing gloves and jeans.  Suddenly Jackhammer appears, also wearing jeans, and he is forcing Krush, in squarecuts, to the ring involuntarily.  Krush gets thrown into the ring and Jackhammer, Drake, and Meadlock beat the mountain of muscle, Krush, BAD!  13 Mins.



Drake and Krush enter the ring shirtless and wearing jeans.  Krush dominates, choking, racking, pounding on Drake.  He also uses a new move where he suspends the helpless Drake like a pendulum.  Drake suffers for
10 Mins.


Jackhammer is in the ring wearing jeans and a long sleeved button up shirt which is mostly unbuttoned.  Krush shows up shirtless wearing jeans.  A moment later they are fighting and Krush is pretty much beating Jackhammer around the ring.  Jackhammer won’t back down and eventually Krush sleepers him out then snaps his neck to end the confrontation.  5 Mins



Drake is in the ring in his speedo warming up when Krush shows up wearing jeans and a tank top.  Krush attacks Drake, choking him and beating on him.  Eventually the tank top comes off and is used to choke Drake and then Krush removes his jeans and uses them to choke Drake unconscious.  10 Mins.



The match starts with Krush tied to a chair being interrogated by Drake.  Krush gets punched in the abs and Drake claws his massive pecs and Krush looks in a whole lot of trouble…but eventually things get turned around and Drake is the one being beat on and clawed.  16 Mins.



Drake continues his personal vendetta against Lorenzo.  Here he chloroforms him unconscious, wakes him up, the sleeper chokes him unconscious several times, then chloroforms him again.  All to prove who is boss.
7 Mins



Lorenzo shows up in trunks ready to box and sees Drake, in jeans, standing in the ring wearing gloves.  Lorenzo doesn’t like the looks of things so turns to leave only to me stopped by Krush, also wearing jeans and gloves.  Krush pushes him back in the ring and Drake and Krush double team the young, teen fighter and brutally beat him for 14 mins.


In this 10 minute video Dave Calbrese viciously punches and stomps on Colin Conover's balls. Forget about having kids one day Colin! Conover screams in agony the whole video. GREAT!!!!

10 Mins



If Colin wasn't screaming so loud you might hear his ribs snapping in this brutal one sided bear hug video. Calbrese tortures him without rest.

10 Mins


In this 10 minute custom video Drake uses his tank top to tie Lorenzo's hands behind his back then torture him with ab bashing and low blows.

10 Mins



Drake and Lorenzo take turns pounding each other's abs to see if they can break each other. Throw in a low blow here or there and things get wild.

10 Mins



"How do you like my new gloves?" Lorenzo asks when he and Drake start boxing. Some dirty low blows and the gloves come off and they fistfight.

10 Mins



Drake isn't loyal to anyone. First he and Krush double team Lorenzo then Drake sucker punches Krush and he and Lorenzo beat up on the big guy.

10 Mins


Drake wakes up after a fight against Lorenzo and realizes the kid knocked him out. Drake is furious, drags Lorenzo back to the ring, and for 20 minutes, beats him bloody. WARNING: GRAPHIC.



Meadlock chloroforms, sleepers 3 times, then chloroforms Lorenzo unconscious again in this humiliating outing lasting 6 mins...not 5 as displayed.


Dave Calbrese inverted chokes
Kyle Braddock. 5 Mins



Frank Farinelli inverted chokes
Dave Calbrese. 5 Mins



Calbrese and Fast Lane try to put each other out by placing a hand over each other's nose and mouth cutting off the oxygen flow. Oddly brutal.
6 Mins



Colin Conover and Drake enter the ring, circle each other for a few seconds, then Colin slaps on a chest to chest bearhug and holds it, non stop, for 15 minutes until Drake's ribs snap and he falls limp, then dead, with blood coming out of his mouth.
15 Mins


Among other things Drake uses his two hands to choke Frankie "Fast Lane" Farinelli unconscious. Fast Lane suffers.

5 Mins


This Customer wanted Drake to use his tank top to choke Meadlock, then tie his arms behind his back and beat him unconscious. Meadlock suffers TREMENDOUSLY!

10 Mins



The Customer that ordered this video wanted Drake and Meadlock sharing ab punches 1 for 1 but whispered in Drake's ear to "hit him in the balls 1/2 way thru then kick his ass"...Drake did as he was asked. 10 Mins



Farinelli is OWNING Dave Calbrese and about to end him when Braddock sneaks up, snaps Farinelli's neck, then kills Calbrese and stacks the bodies. It's a WAR ZONE!

5 Mins


Kyle Braddock is a dirty bastard. He headlocks and chokes Dave Calbrese wearing him down then snaps his neck. BRUTAL!!!

5 Mins


BRUTALITY! Fast Lane Farinelli shows his brutal size beating Calbrese senseless then using a belt to choke him dead.

5 Mins


Justin Armstrong no sooner arrived and Dave Calbrese was attacking every square inch of his torso. He may tower over Calbrese, but Calbrese cuts him down to size!

11 Mins



Rock, Paper, Scissors, Ass Whooping. That's what happens in this NRW version of the game. If you lose the draw, you get hit...and eventually crushed.

10 Mins



Fast Lane owes Drake some money and Drake wants it back. He tells Fast Lane to give him his ATM Card and Pin number and Farinelli Refuses. Drake ties Fast Lane's arms behind his back and proceeds to beat the hell out of him.

10 Minutes


This fan LOVES the fighters were jeans or shorts and here is Meadlock slugging it out with Farinelli. First wearing boxing gloves then barefisted.

10 Minutes



This fan LOVES the fighters were jeans or shorts and here is Meadlock and Farinelli pounding on the torsos of each other barefisted.

10 Minutes



A fan wanted Fast Lane and Calbrese in Singlets with Calbrese getting the crap kicked out of him then getting his neck it is.

10 Minutes


Same fan wanted pretty much the same action as above except this time Fast Lane is in a Singlet and Calbrese in Under Armour Gear. Calbrese's neck gets snapped to end the fight.

10 Minutes


Calbrese beat Fast Lane down fast and hard in this video then carried him around on his shoulders before carrying his limp, unconscious body back to the locker room.

6 Minutes



In his brief return to NRW, Pete Morton squashed Kyle Braddock and spent 10 minutes pulling him up by the hair and torturing his arm.

10 Minutes


It seems like every chance they get Calbrese and Farinelli are fighting each other. This slugfest starts with boxing gloves then the gloves come off and Braddock interferes.

10 Minutes



Braddock, Calbrese, and Farinelli are in the ring in jeans. They start seeing who has the toughest abs. When one hit doesn't work, they go to two, three, then many many more until they are bent in half in agony.

10 Minutes



This is simple. One guy holds another in a full nelson while a third guy smashes him in the abs...then they switch off.

9 Minutes



Dave Calbrese and Frank "Fast Lane" Farinelli are two of NRW's hottest properties. Both chiseled men go all out in a LONG boxing match that gets downright NASTY!

30 Minutes



Drake takes a pounding here at the hands of Meadlock and Braddock. They tie him up in the ropes and pound on him for 3 merciless minutes.

3 Minutes


Drake's pecs get double clawed here by Meadlock and Braddock.

5 Minutes



Meadlock inverts BOTH Drake and Braddock and applies series pressure putting both men on display.

5 Minutes



Braddock is double teamed and a doormat for Meadlock and Drake.

5 Minutes


Drake is double teamed and stepped on by Meadlock and Braddock.

5 Minutes


Matt Meadlock may be dead and gone to regular NRW but his ghost lives here. He slams and pounds on Drake and Braddock.

5 Minutes



Drake and Kyle Braddock AB Bashing, Ball Busting, and Brawling for 17 mins with an alternate ending.


Drake and Kyle Braddock Slug it out first in boxing gloves, then bare-fisted. 10 mins.


Kyle Braddock vs Drake Ab Endurance
The guys first exchange one punch each to the abs and keep adding extra punches until one fighter drops.

10 Mins


Calbrese vs Drake Ab Endurance
The guys first exchange one punch each to the abs and keep adding extra punches until one fighter drops.

10 Mins


Flash vs Calbrese Ab Endurance
The guys first exchange one punch each to the abs and keep adding extra punches until one fighter drops.

10 Mins


Calbrese Socks Flash
Flash is warming up outside the ring. He has on sneakers and socks. Calbrese sneak attacks then removes his shoes and uses Flash's own sock to finish him off.

5 Mins


Drake Chloroforms Braddock
Drake uses chloroform to take out Braddock.

6 Minutes


Meadlock Chloroforms Braddock
Meadlock uses chloroform to take out Braddock.

7 Minutes


Meadlock & Braddock slug it out in jeans then Drake busts in.

10 Minutes


Drake (starts in tanktop) and Meadlock slug it out in jeans.

10 Minutes


Drake Interrogates Meadlock
& Braddock
It's like a spy novel. Drake interrogates Meadlock and Braddock and when he can't get answers, things get brutal. 21 Minutes!


Meadlock Beats Down The Animal
in a Singlet
You lose, you leave, and Meadlocks shocks the wrestling world by brutally beating the beefy guy unconscious.

7 Minutes


Braddock Puts Drake Out

Braddock uses Chloroform to put out Drake. 5 Minutes.


Braddock The Punching Bag
Drake and Meadlock tie Braddock's hands about his head and punch on him like a punching bag.

8 Minutes.


The customer that ordered this video loves the way Calbrese makes faces when he's being choked out...and he loves when Flash is the man doing it.

5 Minutes


This customer wanted gut punching but in the area just below the navel.

5 Minutes



This customer wanted Krush to come out strong then go down hard. Flash uses a chloroform soaked rag to slow him, then claws and pounds him mercilessly.

6 Minutes



The customer wanted Flash to karate chop ever inch of GQ's body.

5 Minutes



This customer wanted Flash to karate chop every inch of Dave Calbrese's body.

5 Minutes



This customer wanted Carlo to karate chop every inch of Dave Calbrese's body.

5 Minutes



The person that ordered this custom wanted someone choked to death using a belt (Calbrese). Nice, long video with good suffering performances.

15 Minutes



The person that ordered this video wanted the fighters to take turns interrogating each other, arms tied over head, and heart punched until they die!

8 Minutes



The person that ordered this video likes boxing with gloves, then barefisted, and lots of below the belt cheapshots.

10 Minutes



The person that ordered this custom wanted TONS OF BLOOD!
Just watch and you'll see...tons of blood from both fighters!

10 Minutes



The person that ordered this custom wanted to see Drake and Meadlock start off boxing, exchange low blows, then bareknuckle it to the end!

10 Minutes



The person that ordered this custom wanted to see Calbrese apply a SUPER TIGHT choke on Adam Weeks and he had an interest in seeing the bottoms of their feet!

5 Minutes



Calbrese Tortures Krush
Both Fighters Wearing Squarecuts

12 Minutes



Obviously you can't kill someone and then have them kill you but this custom video was shot for a fan that wanted a brutal fight where first Calbrese kills Viper and then Viper kills Calbrese by choking the life out of each other then snapping their necks.

5 Minutes



The fan that ordered this custom video wanted Krush to be humiliated by Meadlock...and humiliated he was. Meadlock OWNS him the entire video and Krush wants him to stop at one point saying "Enough!"

9 Minutes



Fans LOVE seeing Krush get Krushed and in this video Meadlock uses Chloroform to slow Krush, then humiliates him with a brutal beat down that includes heart punching those massive pecs!

6 Minutes



Calbrese starts off cocky but that doesn't last long. Flash chops and pounds on his body and whats that in his hand? A foreign object to give him "the edge!"

8 Minutes



In case you haven't figured it out, we have fans that LOVE to see Meadlock destroy Krush. In this video he ties a shirt around Krush's neck and walks him like a dog along with many other forms of humiliation!

9 1/2 Minutes



This is a quickie, but goodie. Krush snaps Meadlock's neck and vice versa. BRUTAL but hot!

2 Minutes



Krush hides, waiting for "The Spy" Matt Meadlock who has a secret micro-hard drive he's trying to deliver. Krush beats him bloody, then snaps his neck. WARNING: GRAPHIC.

5 1/2 Minutes



The Fan that ordered this custom wanted a video where Flash and Calbrese apply leg scissors and Figure 4's to the head and body and "explain" the effect it's having on the it hurts, what it's doing, etc.

10 Minutes



Fans LOVE The Saint and in this custom video he claws and attacks the beautiful pecs and pits of young Kenny Arch. The Saint looks intent as he appears ready to rip the flesh right off Arch's body!

9 Minutes



Secretely recorded Halloween Night video cell phone camera Flash and Monroe beat each other bloody...tearing at the wounds...until they are both....dead? WARNING: GRAPHIC!

8 Minutes



Monroe and Flash in white Under Armour Gear. This is humiliating. Ball shots, crotch grabs, ass crack showing, head dunked in water, and tied up and made to say "I'm your bitch!"

25 Minutes



This fan LOVES guys fighting in jeans. It starts with Carlo and Flash wearing boxing gloves then Calbrese climbs in, the gloves come off, and the boys double team the lean Flash.

10 Minutes



More double team action. This fan LOVES seeing Meadlock suffer. Here Drake and Carlo double team Meadlock first with boxing gloves, then bare fists!

10 Minutes